Appalachian Hardwood Lumber

GreenTree Forest Products And Valley View Hardwoods Produce Approximately 20,000,000 Feet Of Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Annually.

Hardwood Lumber

Fencing Boards

1″X6″X16′ Red & White Oak Boards

1″X6″X16′ Poplar Boards

1″X6″X16′ Treated Poplar Boards

Sold In T/L Quantities Of 1260 Boards

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Member Of
National Hardwood Lumber Association

Appalachian Hardwood Lumber
In These Species:

All Of Our Lumber Is Sold Green.

  • Five Length Separations

  • Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry, Ash

  • 4/4 – 12/4

  • Cut To Width

  • Double End Trimmed

  • Five Length Separations

  • We Dip All Lumber For Sap Stain Protection In Summer Months

  • Cover Boards

  • End Sealing