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Hardwood Lumber

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GreenTree Forest Products and Valley View Hardwoods produce approximately 20,000,000 feet of Appalachian hardwood lumber annually, mainly in these species:
Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry
Our Lumber is cut in thicknesses
of 4/4 - 8/4
Double End Trimmed
Five Length Separations (other width & length sorts can be done)
We dip all lumber for sap stain protection in summer months
Cover Boards & End Sealing also available


All of our lumber is sold green.



Member of National Hardwood Lumber Association


Fencing Boards

1"x6"x16' Red & White Oak Boards

1"x6"x16' Poplar Boards
  1"x6"x16' Treated Poplar Boards

Sold in T/L quantities of 1260 boards

Smaller quantities for retail use may be picked up at the mills.


Call or email for current pricing.




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